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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mr Dallas Eagle 2014 competition

I have to say, this event made for an incredible weekend.  While I did not win, I do not feel like I lost.  Several people even thought I might have had a great chance at being the winner.

I am not disheartened though.  Kody did a bang up job from what I saw, and knowing him as a fellow Leather Knight and the different things he does for the many community support organizations, I am definitely glad he won.  This competition provided me an incredible insight into what goes into a competition.  If I had waited a year to try to be more prepared, I would have lost out on this great opportunity.  It had me learning a lot about a leather community that I have just become very active in and an area that I had just moved to both of which were merely 6 months ago.  To be honest, not only did I learn a lot about my leather community, but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned what I am comfortable with and things that are not so much.  This pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to work on things to improve myself; such as public speaking, socializing with strangers at the bar.

Another perk of being in this competition is that I also got the chance to meet some new people.  In fact, there was one contestant that I had not liked originally.  This was mostly due to me catching parts of his conversations at the bar.  It seemed like he had a grating attitude or something that was rubbing me the wrong way.  During the competition, I actually had a lot of time to talk to this person.  I found out that he actually is a really nice guy and I had misjudged him.  I think with some mentoring and guidance, he'd be a very welcome member of the leather community. 

As for next year, I will try again.  I will take what I learned and add those things to what I need to do to prepare for the competition. I also look forward to having this year to observe the duties and responsibilities of the current Mr Dallas Eagle now that we have one that is local again.
But until that time comes, here is my YouTube to my formal speech during the competition.

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