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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mountain Bear Madness 2014

I just noticed the dates for Mountain Bear Madness are up.  July 10-13 2014.

For me, this even was my first gay group event.  This predates my going to MAL or IML.  The funny part was that I never knew about the Virginia Mountain Bears when I lived in Blacksburg.  It wasn't until after Chris and I had moved to Richmond that we discovered it.

I don't know how it came up.  But one of my good friends from Blacksburg named Ken Belcher had mentioned it.  It sounded interesting, so Chris and I went.  This event is a good size.  It is about 350 people.  We would take over an entire hotel.  There are events, competitions, dances, a lot of bears and their admirers in the pool, and even a handful of vendors.

I have to say I always have had a weakness for being in wet boxers contests.  Hehe.  Through these events, I met a bunch of people...hooked up with a few... and stayed friends with a bunch of guys too.  If you have never been to a bear event, this is a pretty good starter one.  It isn't too large or overwhelming, it is fairly cheap, and I've had a blast at both I have been to.

I am blocking out that time in my schedule so I can try to make it in 2014.  I so can't wait.

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